What is XML

  • XML can be a markup language similar to HTML
  • XML was made to bring data, to not display data
  • XML tags aren’t defined. You have to determine your own tags
  • XML was created to be self-detailed
  • In five words or less you mean? That can’t be done. XML are initials for EXtensible Markup Language. Seems strange that the first word is “Extensible,” yet they use the “X” to denote the word. My guess is that “XML” looked a lot cooler than “EXL.”

    You may not know this, but HTML and XML are brother and sister. Their mother is SGML. SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is the overriding language that produced both XML and HTML.

    SGML is not a language per se, but rather a series of commands that are all understood by another program. A similar example would be JavaScript. By itself, there’s not much to it, but if you use the JavaScript commands in a particular order and then allow a Web browser to read it, you get some neat effects.

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